"This is the last thing we have left, this world here. Without it, we will be lost. So today, I issue a new era, a bright era, where our people shall be able to fend for themselves. For their friends and family. And most of all, for us, for Prophica!"

   ~ Lord Urmalicot, King of Prophica
We can't fight this war alone. We need you.

Welcome to Prophica Unbound, a world full of fantasy, magic, and role-playing! If you'd like to get started, just head on over to the Character Creation Guidelines and follow the instructions there! Some other useful links you might want to check out are the Leveling Requirements, Roleplaying Guide/Tips, and Battle Guidelines page!

The Lore of Prophica

Over 1,000 years ago, there was but one world, known as Prophica. The people of Prophica lived in peace with one another, and there was no need for fighting or weapons. Then, one day, four rifts opened up on all four points of the planet. These rifts appeared to open up to another world entirely, but never connected to the same point on that planet. The creatures who inhabited Prophica thought nothing of it, and for awhile there was no change in the way they lived. Then, about 3 years later, something came through one of the rifts. The Prophicans had no idea how to react, but tried to be peaceful with the strange creature. Unfortunately, when they went to bring gifts to the thing, it ran in fear, for it had never seen anything like those who inhabit Prophica. Not too long after this incident did more of those creatures return, and this time, they had machines with them. The Prophicans had no idea what these machines were, so they tried to approach the foreign species. Sadly, they started to kill the Prophicans who dared come near them and they began to scour the planet, laying waste to everything in their path. Finally, the Prophicans had enough. They began training to fight against the Rift-Walkers, as they began to call them.The people of Prophica learned to harness their inner strength, granting them powers and abilities they never knew they had before. They had also began manufacturing weapons. For almost 300 years, this war raged on. Then, one day, a Prophican arose from the crowd. He was the best warrior Prophica had ever seen, and his powers were so immense, that he drove away the Rift-Walkers. All of Prophica bestowed gifts upon him, but he said he didn't want gifts or money. He simply wanted Prophica to be free. That Prophican later became king, and began a new era of Prophican life. Little did any of Prophica know that on their home planet, the Rift Dwellers were creating an army to retake Prophica... This planet is Earth.







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